My Baby Shower

Since this was my first child I wanted a baby shower to my liking. So, I did all the planning and decorating myself (with the help from my lovely mother that was yelling at me every time I would try to lift something heavy). Let’s just say the planning was fun but when the day came to actually doing the work, the only thing I enjoyed was the flowers. When you’re pregnant and you get to a certain time of your pregnancy you really don't care much, except getting a good night sleep and for this baby to finally arrive. YES, we did all the cooking and baking ourselves. I know, that pretty much tells you how obsessed I am about the details.

Thank goodness for my mother and my husband. I probably would have crashed by the time everyone arrived. My mom helped me from the decor to the food. Note to self; hosting a party for 60+ people while pregnant is probably not the best idea. My girlfriends arrived just in time to help set the last few details. I had just enough time to hop in the shower before everyone else arrived. After getting all the gifts I can say that I am pretty much set for everything!

A Big Thank You to all who were able to make it!


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